About me

Nice to meet you! My name is Tess van der Kolk, 27 years young. Besides my job within the healthcare industry, I’m busy doing things with friends, sports (bootcamp, rowing, running, mountaineering, sailing) and all kinds of creative projects. Photography is one of these creative projects and formed the main reason for me to start this website. I want to show my portfolio to people like you.
  • Name: Tess van der Kolk
  • Birthday: 19th of August 
  • Photography: Officially started ‘Tess van der Kolk Fotografie’ in 2014
  • She edits photos in Adobe Lightroom
  • How others describe Tess: socially involved, energetic, dedicated and creative
  • Study: BSc. Industrial Design Engineering at the University of Technology Delft in 2014. When she was younger she wanted to study medicine, but she ended up finishing a Health Care Management master at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Currently Tess work as a consultant in the healthcare industry. 
  • Sports: Floorball, bootcamp, sailing and walking. Always eager to try new things!
  • Loves: her boyfriend, her iPhone and her Nikon D800 camera (in which order is not always clear) and working with people.
  • Favorite book: Close-up by Esther Verhoef / 1984 by George Orwell
  • Dislikes: Dutch meals, unfairness
  • Favorite quote: ‘Een blij mens is het halve werk’, in English it is like ‘A happy person is half the work’

The words don’t fit the picture. We don’t remember us exact days, but we do remember the moments, the feeling. And I hope to capture those special ones for you. And for the moments I already captured, please enjoy my portfolio!